Need a cross-platform IDE? Get into VimL

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VimL – An opinionated .vimrc

I’ve been working on more and more remote machines lately, including a couple of little projects on headless Raspberry PIs, and have been getting fed up with working with nano or plain vi. After watching some of Jeffrey Way’s videos, being impressed with his editor setup, and finding out more about his choice of editor, I have been sharpening my claws on Vim.

For those of you used to IDEs like Dreamweaver, Vim can be bit of a shock to the system, with a lot of keyboard shortcuts and tricks to learn, but its well work the effort learning.

While I’m a long way from being a Vim expert, I am really enjoying learning it, thanks to finding a cracking repo with an “Ultimate .vimrc” which turns vim from a hard to use console based test editor, into something that more closely resembles familiar tools such as or Sublime Text. Be warned, you will still need to climb the learning curve, but this repo will provide you with a setup that includes a treeview for project files, tabs, syntax highlighting and much more, and best of all a consistent look and feel on pretty much any platform that supports vim. Well worth checking out!