Why bother?

Good question. As professional developers we are all under constant pressure, and that can mean we don’t always catch up. It can hard to know what’s hot, and what’s not, and to stay abreast of trends.

This blog is intended to help. I’m not a “guru” who does the conference circuit, paid by a large company (big props to the guys who do though!). I’m just an average guy who is passionate about what he does, and is keen to learn, and share. Thats all.

So why bother? Why indeed…Over the last 20 years I have worked at all levels in web design and development, from a jobbing freelance “web designer” to Lead Client-side Developer for a well-known recruitment site, and beyond, across many sectors, including online gaming and casinos, real-estate and property sales & management, ┬árich media (CD & DVD authoring), recruitment, digital signage, streaming media and more…

In short, I have a deep and wide interest, both professionally, and in my own time, in all things web development. I hope that you’ll find at least a couple of posts here that you find useful!