Electron – Build desktop applications using web technologies.

Electron.io - Build desktop applications using web technologies.


Formerly known as Atom-Shell, Electron is a very cool new platform for building cross-platform desktop applications, using HTML, JavaScript and CSS.

I’ve been playing with this a lot recently, and have been impressed with how it allows you to quickly build desktop apps, using the technologies I work with every day as a web developer.

In essence, Electron is a bundle of NodeJS/io.js and Chromium, giving lots of interesting possibilities for applications that would ordinarily be tricky or impossible to build as a web application, eg: FileSystem access, Native menus and notifications and more.

I’m yet to leverage this in a professional project, but I have a few ideas for some useful little tools and utilities, so watch this space. In the meantime, try it for your self…

If you’d like more information about what Electron can do, you can find the documentation for Electron here

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